We have a 2000sq foot game room with comfortable chairs and new tables. 
We also let customers host their own events in our game room!
Mondays: Sanctioned (OTS) Yugioh Tournament

                                                      Advanced Format OTS Standard Format Tournaments!

                                  Please have deck that is comply's with the Forbidden, Limited, and Semi-Limited Lists!!!!!!!

              Come and Enter for $5 per player and each player will receive Current OTS pack for Entering Tournament (and store will add 2 packs per player to prize pool),                                                                      Number of Rounds is dependent on # of players.

9-16 players there will be 4 rounds and then standings for prize payout. We do not cut to Top in our weekly local events due to time constraints. 

TUESDAYS: Sanctioned Pokemon League

Starts at 5pm and goes till 9pm, Come on in and play the Pokemon CCG or VCG and enjoy other Pokemon enthusiasts and earn Promotional League Foils!!!!

                                                                                            FREE of CHARGE

                    NEW NEW NEW NEW!!!!!!!!! We will host weekly tournaments now for STANDARD FORMAT at $5 entry fee, this will go on during the league to show new players                                what competative play looks like. WE will make a prize pool of packs (current set) for the TOP 4 minimum from Entry Fees. 

WEDNESDAYS: DUNGEONS & DRAGONS                                        LEAGUES 

               Starting at 5pm Players come in to play in closed groups or look to join or build a NEW group, there are NEW groups forming monthly. And all players in these groups                              get 1st chance at all Variant Cover Books (special editions) or  for Pre-Release Events and Materials. So come in a join the fun!

                                                                                              FREE of CHARGE

THURSDAYS: MAGIC: the Gathering MODERN                                     Tournaments
            6pm Sign Ups and 1st Round Pairing is at 6:30pm!!! $10 Entry Fee, 1 Master Pack Per Player Prize Support (with swap outs for other sets). TOP 4 Prize Pool,                                                Rounds will be determined by number of players and we do not Cut to TOP 4 or 8 due to time constraints. 

FRIDAYS: MAGIC: the Gathering BOOSTER DRAFTS & COMMANDER Both Events are Friday Night Magic                                  FNM

                                             Booster Draft Entry Fee: $15 per player, Commander is FREE of CHARGE with Promos

 Booster Draft Prizes:  2 Booster Packs (newest release) added to prize pool per entry. There will also be FOIL PROMO Friday Night Magic cards distributed to participants.

Saturday: Magic the Gathering Standard Showdown                           Tournament

                                                                                      Entry Fee: $8

                             Prizes: 3 Booster Packs of the Newest Set will be added to Prize Pool with Standard Showdown Packs added.      

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